Luminosity Trance Gathering

Vrijdag 16 Februari

Luminosity Trance Gathering
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Partysnap melding: Dit evenement is helaas al geweest.

Evenement: Luminosity Trance Gathering
Datum + Tijd: Vrijdag 16 Februari - 21:00:00 tot Zaterdag 17 Februari - 05:00:00
Entree prijs: n.v.t.
Minimum leeftijd: n.v.t.
Organisator: n.v.t.
Facebook: Luminosity Trance Gathering
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Partysnap evenement. As usual, we are thinking of the best Trance names and for now we will tell NOTHING MORE! We will challenge your curiosity a little more! We promise waiting will be worth it

HOWEVER we expect your guess on DJs who will perform. LET'S SEE WHO WILL BE RIGHT. Commend down
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