I Need Rhythm

Zondag 31 December

I Need Rhythm
Evenementen informatie

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Evenement: I Need Rhythm
Locatie: Lichtfabriek in Haarlem (Binnen georganiseerd)
Minckelersweg 2, 2031 EM, Haarlem
Datum + Tijd: Zondag 31 December - 21:00:00 tot Maandag 1 Januari - 07:00:00
Entree prijs: 35,61
Minimum leeftijd: 18
OV informatie: Er is openbaar vervoer aanwezig, zie Connexxion voor meer informatie.
Organisator: I Need Rhythm
Website: http://www.lichtfabriek.nl/
Facebook: I Need Rhythm
Embed link: https://partysnap.nl/event/TNs24o7k7gJapw4:i-need-rhythm
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"One last time in the infamous Turbinehal"

► Cristian Varela
► Reinier Zonneveld live
► EgbertLIVE
► Roberto Capuano
► Man With No Shadow
► Charley Prince
► Medhat
► Lolla Tek
► Seek One
► Tino
► Elton Johna
► Fortyseven

It's a dark period in time, in a far away galaxy a vast sea of stars is the only light that surrounds us.

On the 31th of December 2017, I Need Rhythm unleashes an ancient force that takes control over body and mind, giving way to great joy and emotion, celebrating the passage to a new era!


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Regular Group Tickets: (SOLD OUT)
Late Tickets: (€28.50) http://bit.ly/INR-TICKETS
Late Group Tickets: (€25) http://bit.ly/INR-TICKETS


Date: 31-12-2017
Location: De Lichtfabriek, Minckelersweg 2, 2031 EM Haarlem
Time: 21:00-07:00
Age: 18+

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