I Need Rhythm

Zondag 31 December

I Need Rhythm
Evenementen informatie

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Evenement: I Need Rhythm
Locatie: Lichtfabriek in Haarlem (Binnen georganiseerd)
Minckelersweg 2, 2031 EM, Haarlem
Datum + Tijd: Zondag 31 December - 21:00:00 tot Maandag 1 Januari - 07:00:00
Entree prijs: 35,61
Minimum leeftijd: 18
OV informatie: Er is openbaar vervoer aanwezig, zie Connexxion voor meer informatie.
Organisator: I Need Rhythm
Website: http://www.lichtfabriek.nl/
Facebook: I Need Rhythm
Embed link: https://partysnap.nl/event/TNs24o7k7gJapw4:i-need-rhythm
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"One last time in the infamous Turbinehal"

â–º Cristian Varela
â–º Reinier Zonneveld live
â–º EgbertLIVE
â–º Roberto Capuano
â–º Man With No Shadow
â–º Charley Prince
â–º Medhat
â–º Lolla Tek
â–º Seek One
â–º Tino
â–º Elton Johna
â–º Fortyseven

It's a dark period in time, in a far away galaxy a vast sea of stars is the only light that surrounds us.

On the 31th of December 2017, I Need Rhythm unleashes an ancient force that takes control over body and mind, giving way to great joy and emotion, celebrating the passage to a new era!


Limited Early Birds: (SOLD OUT)
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Regular Group Tickets: (SOLD OUT)
Late Tickets: (€28.50) http://bit.ly/INR-TICKETS
Late Group Tickets: (€25) http://bit.ly/INR-TICKETS

â—¥ INFO

Date: 31-12-2017
Location: De Lichtfabriek, Minckelersweg 2, 2031 EM Haarlem
Time: 21:00-07:00
Age: 18+

â—¥ Music SC:

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