Âme b2b Dixon All Night x Loveland

Donderdag 18 Oktober

Âme b2b Dixon All Night x Loveland
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Evenement: Âme b2b Dixon All Night x Loveland
Datum + Tijd: Donderdag 18 Oktober - 22:00:00 tot Vrijdag 19 Oktober - 06:00:00
Entree prijs: n.v.t.
Minimum leeftijd: n.v.t.
Organisator: n.v.t.
Website: www.loveland.nl
Facebook: Âme b2b Dixon All Night x Loveland
Embed link: https://partysnap.nl/event/p8Q6pFuYV9i4oeh:-C3-82me-b2b-dixon-all-night-x-loveland
Weerbericht (Donderdag 18 Oktober): Weerbericht Kans op regen 10% / Maximaal tempratuur: 12°
Partysnap evenement. We do not just have 1, but 2 full ADE programs this year! We will soon launch our notorious Mediahaven ADE schedule. But first, we proudly present you with a completely new location and concept: Loveland All-Nighters.

AME & DIXON all night will be a B2B show by two of the biggest icons of this time. The duo will be playing a 8-hour set from 22:00 till 06:00 at a unique ADE location: Warehouse Houthavens
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