Wild As The Moon

Zaterdag 6 Januari

Wild As The Moon
Evenementen informatie

Partysnap melding: Dit evenement is helaas al geweest.

Evenement: Wild As The Moon
Locatie: De Marktkantine in Amsterdam (Binnen georganiseerd)
Jan van Galenstraat 6, 1051 KM Amsterdam
Datum + Tijd: Zaterdag 6 Januari - 22:00:00 tot Zondag 7 Januari - 05:00:00
Entree prijs: 19.25
Minimum leeftijd: 18
OV informatie: Er is openbaar vervoer aanwezig, zie GVB voor meer informatie.
Organisator: Wild As The Moon
Website: http://www.marktkantine.nl/
Facebook: Wild As The Moon
Embed link: https://partysnap.nl/event/HiJx2o6kWLSEv7K:wild-as-the-moon
Partysnap evenement. The Gardens of Babylon & De Marktkantine present:

Wild as the Moon

Ufff, after yet another lush edition of Wild as the Moon we’re still speechless about what is happening. We are so grateful to see this clubnight turn in to our moon madness every two months and find so many of you on the dance floor. The music, the people, Wild as the Moon is a mesmerising happening in Amsterdam.

Let's get ready for another adventure, because on January 6 we invited our favorites to play for our amazing crowd.

▼ . ▼ . ▼ M U S I C ▼ . ▼ . ▼
☽ Mira_Chris Schwarzwälder

▼ . ▼ . ▼ M O O N M E D I T A T I O N ▼ . ▼ . ▼
The Moon Meditation - 22:00 - 22:30

Wild as the Moon starts every show with a powerful moon meditation. By allowing yourself to "arrive", you enter a new dimension. Together, we take a moment to get used to the energy around us. To step away from the outside world and into the new world. Conscious, mindful and aware. We bring again the magical trinity called The Dreaming. A trinity that consist of our spiritual guide Villia and two magical musicians Stacey and Deniz.

Let the words and music guide you to the ethereal planes and find out more about yourself.

▼ . ▼ . ▼ S H O W ▼ . ▼ . ▼
☽ Performers
☽ Massage Zone
☽ Secret Stage
☽ Card readings
☽ Energy Cleansings
☽ Market of Curiosities
☽ Facepaint

Tickets: Soon to be online.

Be aware, dreams come to life.


Wild as the Moon
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