Wasteland Amsterdam

Zaterdag 7 April

Wasteland Amsterdam
Evenementen informatie

Partysnap melding: Dit evenement is helaas al geweest.

Evenement: Wasteland Amsterdam
Datum + Tijd: Zaterdag 7 April - 22:00:00 tot Zondag 8 April - 04:00:00
Entree prijs: n.v.t.
Minimum leeftijd: n.v.t.
Organisator: n.v.t.
Website: www.wasteland.nl
Facebook: Wasteland Amsterdam
Embed link: https://partysnap.nl/event/Fsqv4qmGvhunb1H:wasteland-amsterdam
Partysnap evenement. THE WILDEST PARTY ON EARTH

If you dare to be differentÂ… If you are without prejudiceÂ… If you love living on the edgeÂ… If exploring your wildest fantasies makes you tick Â…. Wasteland! Visitors from all over the globe will gather for a spectacular night filled with entertainment. Get ready for the Gotham edition!

Benny Rodrigues, Lucien Foort, Funkerman, Grant Nelson (UK), Brian S, and many more Â…

Kabinet Azar, Run Paint Run and more Â…

Choreographed shows, Andromeda (UK), Fashion Shows, Duo Raw (SE), Go-Go Fuckers, Twice shy Peepshow (UK),Carmen Mon Oxide (UK) and many more Â…
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