Café d'Anvers presents: Jayda G - LNS

Zaterdag 6 Januari

Caf d'Anvers presents: Jayda G - LNS
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Evenement: Café d'Anvers presents: Jayda G - LNS
Locatie: Café d'Anvers in Antwerpen (Binnen georganiseerd)
Verversrui 15, 2000 Antwerpen, België
Datum + Tijd: Zaterdag 6 Januari - 23:00:00 tot Zondag 7 Januari - 07:00:00
Entree prijs: 11,96
Minimum leeftijd: 18
OV informatie: Er is openbaar vervoer aanwezig, zie De Lijn voor meer informatie.
Organisator: Café d'Anvers
Facebook: Café d'Anvers presents: Jayda G - LNS
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Main Room
Jayda G

Jayda G

Jayda G is a Canadian DJ that moves back and forth from Vancouver to Berlin. As a music producer, she came out with her first release on the Australian label, Butter Sessions, earlier this May. Jayda G has also recently started a new record label project called Freakout Cult. The co-produced label, with Sex Tags Mania co-founder DJ Fett Burger, was inspired by the Freakout Cult club night the two started in Vancouver. The record was released late September of 2015.



LNS is a Vancouver based artists recording on Freakout Cult and Wania. With just a few releases and much loved online mixes she has become a name on the lips of many tastemakers around the world. A smattering of gigs in Europe so far have displayed her talent in the club and this and a recent move to Europe will give her more chance to show her talent.



Enter Peregrine. A genuine music collector & audacious selector, taking disco & house as a logical starting point, but certainly not as a terminus.

His style is hard to pinpoint, but he pushes a very eclectic taste of contemporary music in his sets, which embodies his unconditional love for electronic music and its wide range of sub genres. An enthralling melange of disco, house, techno & electronica. At the same time he is crushing the boundaries between musical eras, seeking & exploring the early beginnings of electronic music & its influences in modern dance music.

Besides dj'ing Peregrine is a gifted promoter. He establishes his organizational talent by hosting Stand Your Ground in his hometown Sint-Truiden. He plays a pioneering role in his region by promoting artists like Alden Tyrell (NL), San Soda, Arches, Moonlight Matters, Spacid & Ed&Kim. Since 2012, he is one of the driving forces behind another infamous concept, The Woods!

He played alongside: Alden Tyrell (NL), Breach (UK), San Soda, Anna Wall (UK), Pierre, Marquis Hawkes (UK), Interstellar Funk (NL), Rob Threezy (USA), FCL, Red D, Kong, Ben Sun, Gratts, Kiani & His Legion, ...

He played at venues like: Tomorrowland, Culture Club, Silo, Breakdown, Les Ardentes, Forty Five, Express 21, Daydream festival, Stand Your Ground, Walk The Night, Play'House, Sober, ...



What started off as a little bit of experimenting in Ableton Live, has become the main passion of Pieter Vochten - Fondly know as Juicy. It's a passion of sharing any musical ideas ranging from sleazy beats to 909 overloaded housetracks.

As a dj, his aim is to present people with a timeless selection of his favourite disco, funk, rare groove & original house tracks.

All time classics go along with recent discoveries without being too specific about styles, genres or release dates – as long as they make the magic happen.
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