Someone Told Me XXL

Zaterdag 13 Oktober

Someone Told Me XXL
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Partysnap melding: Dit evenement is helaas al geweest.

Evenement: Someone Told Me XXL
Datum + Tijd: Zaterdag 13 Oktober - 22:00:00 tot Zondag 14 Oktober - 05:00:00
Entree prijs: n.v.t.
Minimum leeftijd: n.v.t.
Organisator: n.v.t.
Facebook: Someone Told Me XXL
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Partysnap evenement. × Shh ... Someone Told Me × Autumn Break ×
No one looks back on their life and remember the nights they got plenty of sleep. So shh...

Lil Kleine / Jonna Fraser / SJAAK / Tisjeboy Jay / Fenomeno / Gil-T / Remco Gaiteros / ZEFF

Someone Told Me... The greatest secrets are always hiddenÂ… In the most secret placesÂ… You are aloneÂ… Alone in the darkness of the nightÂ… Neon lights catch your eyesÂ… A sudden lust cannot be ignoredÂ… Will you embrace the tempting mysteries of the nightÂ… Steaming blood rushes through your veinsÂ… Captivated by the darknessÂ… ShhÂ…

Single, hard to get or not available? Pick a neon colored bracelet, show your status and flirt the night away!

This will be a night filled with laughter, drinks, flirting, classy decorations and beautiful people.

Because we live for the nights that we can't remember, with the people that we won't forget and the people we just met, Shh ...
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